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  1. We're looking for a Front End Developer who will be working on our projects. Work in a fantastic environment on new web products for overseas clients. You will be working with a small team across several overseas clients continuing to build and improve software, launching product extensions and new products. This is a full time position.


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  1. Tuna Daksa,Tuna Rungu Wicara
  2. Must be good at critical thinking and problem solving.
  3. Have experience in HTML, JS, CSS, Hand-coding, Structural and semantic markup.
  4. Information design, ability to organise lots of complex information in a way that is simple, user-friendly, logical, clear, and elegant.
  5. Deep understanding of user experience and ability to analyze and test usability
  6. A strong aesthetic sense coupled with language and information design skills (you should have that special combination of visual and verbal skills)
  7. Ability to plan projects with clients and create wireframes and mockups
  8. Clear understanding of information architecture
  9. Expert knowledge of the current design trends and techniques
  10. Clear understanding of HTML & CSS as it affects your designs and device support
  11. Understand the responsive design technique and how to optimise front-end code for mobile device.
  12. Familiar with framework like
  13. such as Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation.
  14. Familiar with build tools like Grunt, or Gulp is preferred.
  15. Good written and verbal communication skills are essential.



Softwareseni is offshore/onshore software development company. Our dream is to develop execellent client services and build a place where the team can learn and flourish. The way we do development and project has been revised several time in the last 4 years as we try to strike balance between high quality work and affordable cost. What we have now is very close to what we were aiming at – and we still fine tuning it.

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