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Editing, Media dan Informasi | Jakarta Selatan - Jakarta | Tuna Daksa,Tuna Rungu Wicara


Tutup: 10-Juni-2020


  1. 3Motion is growing its content production team to scale the scope of its video productions. As an intern member of 3Motion, you will be a key piece to our talented and efficient team of producers, videographers, and editors. As Videographer & Editor (Internship), your role will be to work closely with the Creative & Production Team to capture and edit 3Motion video content. You will work on both branded and original content, ranging from social media videos to longer-form content. This is a unique opportunity to join one of the most talented teams in content production and play a key role in 3Motion growth over the coming years.


  1. Laki-laki atau perempuan
  2. Usia 18-25
  3. Pendidikan terakhir minimal D3 (Multimedia)
  4. Tidak diutamakan memiliki pengalaman berkerja


  1. Tuna Daksa,Tuna Rungu Wicara
  2. An understanding of advanced camera settings and an ability to capture high-quality shots in a range of environments.
  3. Ability to ideate and craft shots with limited direction
  4. a sense for the story.
  5. Ability to multitask is a necessity
  6. capable of shooting for one project and immediately jumping into editing another.
  7. Ability to work as an individual and as part of a team.
  8. Ability to recall and communicate your collected footage to another team member.
  9. An understanding of Adobe Creative Cloud software (Premiere).
  10. Experience sourcing and integrating music and soundtracks.
  11. Experience sourcing and integrating archival video footage.
  12. Knowledge and understanding of codecs, export practices, and file types.
  13. Experience employing color correction best practices.
  14. Ability to employ proper file management procedures.
  15. Strong communication skills for interacting with both internal and external partner.
  16. Willing to work for 4 months .
  17. Work closely with the Creative & Production Team to execute their creative direction, briefs, and feedback.
  18. Capture high-quality video footage in studio and on location.
  19. Create and build quality shooting environments on-the-fly and with limited resources.
  20. Log all footage from production shoots.
  21. Source and integrate music from online libraries.
  22. Communicate clearly with internal and external stakeholders throughout the post-production process, especially regarding deadlines and progress.
  23. Assist in elements of content production.


  1. Berkas yang harus dilengkapi :
    a. CV.
    b. Portfolio contoh karya.
    c. Surat Lamaran.
  2. Tidak dipungut biaya apapun dalam proses penerimaan karyawan baru.
  3. Penyandang disabilitas dengan mobilitas mandiri.
  4. Hanya pelamar yang sesuai dengan kriteria yang akan dipanggil untuk proses selanjutnya.



3Motion is a company which operates in providing end-to-end services such as digital agency, production house and web & apps development with high degree of professionalism and dedication to create meaningful works.

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