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Desain dan Arsitektur | Jakarta Barat - Jakarta | Tuna Daksa


Tutup: 15-Agustus-2022


  1. Establishes visual design for both visual/graphic under brand value and specific project’s strategy, achieve standards by following production, productivity, and quality.
  2. Determines the highest quality artistic approach for overall style or tone desired for each project with the creative director and creative team.
  3. Monitors the advertising trend, industry, and competitors campaigns by coordinating, tracking with the planning and strategy team, comes out with visual guidance to keep improving content creation and quality results.
  4. Ensure that the clients’ brief of desired message and the images are conveyed to consumers.


  1. Laki-laki atau perempuan
  2. Usia 18-25
  3. Pendidikan terakhir minimal S1 (Design/ Ilustration/ Animation)
  4. Tidak diutamakan memiliki pengalaman berkerja


  1. Tuna Daksa
  2. Intern duration for min, 3 months, candidate must use their own device for work, stable internet and able to WFH.
  3. Amazing portfolio.
  4. Inspiring, passionate, deep knowledge and gives special attention to every art detail.
  5. Active personality.
  6. Deep understanding of design principles.
  7. Excellent sense of art and detail.
  8. Able to work in a team and be an effective communicator, responsible.
  9. Good communication skills, to be able to listen to and speak with staff and clients to ensure that they understand employees’ ideas and clients’ desires for advertisements.


  1. Berkas yang harus dilengkapi :
    a.Surat Lamaran.
    b. CV.
    c. Portfolio contoh karya terlampir atau link.
  2. Tidak dipungut biaya apapun dalam proses penerimaan karyawan baru.
  3. Penyandang disabilitas dengan mobilitas mandiri.
  4. Hanya pelamar yang sesuai dengan kriteria yang akan dipanggil untuk proses selanjutnya.



Out of this world Studio 🌌 Galactic Ideas 💡 There are over 7 billion people on earth and more than half of them are on social platform. Currently, 3.03 billion among them are active social users who spent an average of 2 hours in the virtual world everyday. 8 billion daily video views are accumulated from 500 million users. Welcome to the global digital market. Cheers. 🍻 Space&Shapes is a multidisciplinary creative space station brought to life on earth. We are scientists and cosmic explorers of internet culture. The future is here and we are helping to launch and navigate ideas through complex sprawling web of the virtual space. Founded in 2017 within the metropolitan city of Indonesia, Jakarta, Space&Shapes is devoted to serving global digital markets across the planet. We believe in humane, funny, smart and exciting approach to communicating ideas. We will conquer the space for you! 🚀🚀

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